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You can rest assured that Protech Line will provide a level of quality that will bring your security image alive

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Protech Line has a diverse experience accumulated over the years and will continue to gather more in the years to come.


We provide an extensive inventory range with all the latest products and technology. We are dedicated to fostering a spirit of innovation.

Protech Line - CCTV and Electric Fence Installation Services in Kenya

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When it comes to protecting the people and possessions that matter most to you, why compromise? Protect your home and business with Protech Line and you’re choosing the best.

15 years of protecting what matters.When it comes to the benefits of choosing one of the world’s most experienced security experts, that’s just the start.

Protecting what Matters and you Value.Bringing your security image alive.



What We Offer

We are a security & safety solutions provider company in Kenya that provides superior, quality services and operational excellence through efficient planning, direct communication and competitive pricing.

Solutions include:CCTV cameras supply & installation,Electric Fencing-Alarm system,Biometric Access control system,Time & Attendance Management system,Fire Alarm system,Metal detectors,Automatic Remote Gates in Kenya and East Africa region.

Electric Fencing
We supply a wide variety of fencing for a whole host of applications. From our free site survey and calculated solution, to installation, maintenance and recovery, you can be sure that our 12-years’ experience will provide you with the safest and best value service in the market
automatic gate nairobi kenya
Automatic Gates Systems
Protech Line offer a wide range of High Quality Gate Automation to suit all types of gated entry. Selecting the correct kit which is suitable for your gates is the first step in ensuring the installation is a success.
Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System
We offer a 360° in-house service, from bespoke design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of all fire and security systems.
Cctv Cameras
Are you looking for a reliable HD CCTV security system for your home or business, installed by an Approved security installer that provides 24/7 service cover?Are you looking for the latest in HD CCTV technology that’s easy to use & can be installed with the least disruption to your home or business at a price that you can afford, including on-going service costs.Protech Line suits your application
Burglar Alarm system
Intruder Alarm system consist of various components including Control Panel, Keypad, External Siren, Passive Infrared Detectors & Door Contacts,Panic Buttons & Vibration Sensors.Keep your house,home and business secure with a professionally installed and maintained Intruder /Burglar Alarm System by Protech Line
Biometric Access Control Unit
Biometric access control systems work by storing personal data and then analyzing the fingerprint or face scan to see if it matches the stored data in the system. If it finds a match, the access control opens and allows you to go through. If no match is found, then access will be denied.
metal detectors
Metal Detectors
At Protech Line, we are passionate about Metal Detecting and are proud to stock the very best there is to offer in metal detectors. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are bound to find something that will suit you.

What Our Clients Say

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