• Access control prevents unwanted visitors from entering your premises. Biometric access control has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and we have been asked by many of our prospects and clients, “How does biometric access control work and what even is it?”
  • Biometric access control is the analysis of biological data using technology. Typically, this data relates to specific physical traits that an individual might have. So, biometric access control is the use of this biological data to either grant or deny access to a building or area of a building.
  • Biometric access control analyzes specific biological data, e.g. fingerprints
  • A database is created containing all the biological data from people that are allowed access
  • Individuals are scanned when they use the access control system
  • If their biological data is on-record, they’re granted access
  • If there’s no match for their biological data, they’re denied access.
  • We supply all necessary materials for biometrics and installs access control systems in Kenya

Biometric Access control unit

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