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From the basic residential to high-end commercial application,Protech Line Kenya suits your requirement. Projects large or small, when you partner with Protech Line Kenya you know you’ll get the complete solution. We work to deliver a simplified and quick erection process, with the versatility to achieve your desires.

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A strong company foundation begins with qualified and professionals. We hire only the professionals. With experience accumulated over the years ,we have a wealth of experience that you can count on.

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We source the best quality to fully meet all professional market requirement for our customers.You can rest assured that Protech Line will provide a level of quality that will bring your security image alive


We utilize the very modern security devices and quality products sourcing from leading manufactures providing an extensive inventory range with all the latest products and technology.

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A design philosophy which focuses on increasing the efficiency of trust to our esteemed clients.
Burglar Intruder Alarm System

Protech Line Kenya provides the best alarm systems gadgets sourced from leading manufactures in the world.We supply and install alarm systems in Kenya.

Protech Line Kenya Burglar alarm system Installation consists of utilizing all kinds of detector systems to protect your home, business space,the environment around it house and persons within.

This kind of systems runs on an automated control system to the control panel from every point of entrance. A sample scenario exits where the magnetic switch emit the signal to control pane whenever any kind of intrusion is detected from your Gate, Doors or Windows.

You need a Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenya?. Then Protech line Kenya is a reliable choice. Many people overlook, ignore and underestimate the need of taking appropriate home|business security measures. A burglary or theft can lead to devastating consequences both emotionally and financially. So take a minute and think about this. Is this loss worth the Risk?

Take a realistic picture and Protech Line Kenya will give you a 24/7 protection you can truly trust to keep your home| business safe.
Burglar Alarm system Kenya basic principal is securing entry points-like doors and windows as well as interior space containing valuables. Our typical home Security System Kenya includes
1. A control panel which is primary controller of a home security system.
2. Door and windows sensors
3. Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
4. A high decibel siren or alarm
If your security alarm system Kenya is professionally monitored by an alarm company, they are alerted when a security problem arises in your home or business. Another advantage is the ability to remotely manage your house. With this you can typically arm and disarm your security system Kenya from anywhere in the world via a web enabled device.
The presence of a home| business alarms system Kenya provides many families and businesses with a piece of mind knowing that their home| business is protected from a variety of devastating scenarios.
We at Protech Line Kenya have a wealth of knowledge that you can count on and a diverse experience accumulated over the years and will continue to gather more in the years to come.
Reap the benefits of Automatic Burglar Alarm system unit by Protech Line
Contact us for detailed information to make your security image alive.


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