Biometric Access Control Unit
Biometric Access Control Solution in Kenya

Access customization

Personalize your employees’ access to certain areas of the building, and grant temporary access to visitors quickly and easily. Stopping unauthorized access to certain areas of your premises helps to protect your people, assets and property from theft and damage. It can also act as a safety measure to stop people from gaining access to potentially hazardous equipment or areas.

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We utilize the very modern security devices and quality products sourcing from leading manufactures providing an extensive inventory range with all the latest products and technology.

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Biometric Access Control Unit

Stay fully in Control.

Biometric Access control system enables you to conveniently and easily manage your access restrictions. A few clicks is all it takes to define which people are permitted to access to your site,office,building,store at what time.

Our range of biometric door entry readers provides you with a biometric access control system that cannot be falsified.


Biometric access control systems.

biometric acess control systemAn entry system for every venue.

From schools and offices to gyms, parking lots, museums and event spaces; there’s a solution to make your space safer and more efficient.

Biometric access control system combines convenience and security like never before.

It’s clear to see why biometric access control systems are currently one of the most popular access control options. The ability to store biological and physical traits that are unique to each individual means there is no risk of key card and password sharing, creating tighter security. Biometric access control systems work by storing personal data and then analyzing the fingerprint or face scan to see if it matches the stored data in the system. If it finds a match, the access control opens and allows you to go through. If no match is found, then access will be denied.

Secure Access and optimize operations.

Biometric access control system is designed to give access to approved individuals only. Therefore, you can manage who is authorized to enter your business or property, or even restrict access to an area or room.

We keep up to date with the latest technological developments and offer a vast range of options to suit your needs from single or multi-door systems, standalone or PC-based networked solutions, proximity, PIN, intercoms, video door, fob, card and biometric- based entry. We work with the major manufacturers in this field.

There are 3 types of factors of authenticating information.

  1. something the user knows e.g. a password or pin.
  2. something the user has such as smart card or a key fob.
  3. something the user is such as fingerprints verified by biometric measurement.

However, for us, the real goal is to build a solution unique to your needs. So go ahead and take the leap.

Tailored solution for your needs and budget.



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